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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
02-Jan-12 - 07:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Mudcat Gardeners 2012
Subject: RE: BS: Mudcat Gardeners 2012
Hoop houses at the White House. They're up to their third year of a demonstration program (that was posted in Dec. 2009) so I wonder if they'll report back after this winter?

I have a greenhouse structure that I picked up from a friend who (alas) lost his house due to foreclosure last summer. It's a large PVC building with a sloped window on the south side for starting plants or growing some things, it isn't one of the all glass or plastic panes like on a traditional one. I guess you would call this a garden building. There's a great potting bench and it has a fairly high ceiling - about 12', with lots of shelves and hooks around so I run clothesline inside and use it for hanging herbs to dry. I've had it for just a few months so I'm really getting a handle on how I can use it now that the cold weather is here. I've set up pots to start plants that I'll put in the garden in the spring.

In the garden itself is small but is a fairly-year-round operation. Oregano is pretty hardy here and unless there is a really cold snap or a lot of snow, some of it sticks around to use, and it always comes back in the same spot like a good ground cover. Thyme also, and in the same garden closest to the kitchen door is rosemary, a bay tree (planted this year), asparagus (planted early last year), onions, garlic, and the place in the garden I always leave a little ornamental fence around because the basil reseeds itself every spring. There is broccoli out there just about ready to harvest. I did a couple of plantings and hope the later ones get going - they're slow to pick up the pace (I also planted a couple of cabbage - I've never grown those before).

I have been digging beds for Irish potatoes - red lasota again, they came out beautifully last year, and I have a few of my potatoes I saved to plant. I'll plant those in the next couple of weeks and mulch them well. Yesterday I moved the Swiss chard, fairly small plants still, because it was a bit too exposed in the bed where I had it and slowed down with some really cold weather. Up against the house like I've had it in the past it will grow for a couple of years.

There are lots of things that are tangled together and need to be thinned, replanted, all of that. Maybe this year. :-/