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03-Jan-12 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: Help: Irish Group: Spailpin
Subject: RE: Help: Irish Group: Spailpin
To further cloud this matter I have a box set entitled "The Spirit Of Ireland....The Ultimate Irish Box Set"

There are 3 cd's in the set:

1) Irish Ceili
2) The Complete Irish Dancing Set
3) Irish Pub Folk Sing-A-Long

Although there are song titles for each track, no artists appear whatsoever with the exception of album 1 "Irish Ceili"

In addition long searches yielded no results at all for this 1999 box set from Navarre Corperation & Point Entertainment

All these tracks are noted to be by "The Irish Ceili Band" except "Rising Of The Moon" by Paddy O'Connor & Friends", however if using the Shazam feature on my phone to identify each track it lists "The Irish Landscape Band"......looking this band up I find the exact album only called "Greatest Irish Ceili Music".

This infers at some point someone thought this album was a greatest hits compilation by "Irish Ceili" when no such band exists. It was simply the name of the compilation. One persons mistake has caused many users meta tagging their libraries to have false information.

The other two albums in this "box set" add to the confusion. As previously mentioned, the remaining albums offer no insight at all (a good thing since the first attempt was garbage.

Using Shazam again it identifies many tracks as by either the "McSherry Ceili Band" or by Rince. (ps this is not edorsing Shazam.....many mistakes include the one I'm about to mention are found within this application as well)

Several irish dance compilations involving these songs exists, many titled "Rince" which I believe is Gaelic for dance, so again no band named "Rince" exists although / cduniverse / amazon / shazam all claim other wise. They are all wrong, but not their mistake. I'll elaborate in moments.

The final cd seems to be by Barnbrack. All tracks listed match a cd by this band, but missing the second half of the album.

I don't believe it's legal anywhere in the world to be recreating original albums & not giving proper credit for publishers / record labels / song writers / composers / band members / ect.

There are a plethora of organizations world wide whose resposibilities include paying out the former rights holders when compilations are recreated & first and foremost, approval must first be granted from the original rights holder.

When albums like the one in my hand appear it is most obvious that someone is not following proper channels & is guilty of copyright infringement. In addition to posting queries here I'd suggest finding our what copyright control bodies exist in your country and call their attention to it.

In this case, not only is the law being broken, but has caused a nasty trail of misinformation causing a full day of work to be lost at my office while looking into this matter for what was a single song request by a client at 9am this morning for "When You & I Were Young Maggie" by Irish Ceili (which it is not...oddly i actually had this boxset in our vault, allowing me to at least a starting place for research)). It's now 4:30pm & the information brought up here remains still speculative at best.

The company that compiled this cd is Point Entertainment Ltd a division of Navarre. Neither company remain in the music business & whatever catalogues they "owned" (which is likely true.....they simply didn't report things properly thus denying all other rights holders all moneys owed to them not just for the cd, but causing radio stations, background music providers, ect. to be unable to source these rights holders if using this compilation as a source. The actual information (likely online somewhere) has be lost in a "sea of misinformation" Sometimes the net is a "tangled web"