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04-Jan-12 - 08:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Paul is dead...sort of
Subject: RE: BS: Paul is dead...sort of
////If Paul did die in the mid-60s, due to an auto accident, and he was quietly replaced by a lookalike, then I'd have to say that the lookalike did a darned good job in his role and also made a bloody fortune!////

And forming Wings and writing songs that sounded exactly like the stuff Paul wrote was totally bloody brilliant!   

///The truth is that Paul did,in fact, die. But he was not replaced by a look-alike. His dead body was secretly flown to New Iberia, Louisiana, where it was reanimated by a Voodoo houngan. Yes folks, since 1969, Paul has been a zombie.///

Bullshit. He was converted by the Schwenkfelders and so I AM abducted him and is holding him in suspended animation in a super-duper magnetic field generated under Mt. Shasta. Your story is the old tired Apple cover story. That was exposed long ago. Where have you been?