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Posted By: Stringsinger
05-Jan-12 - 07:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Young Earth Creationism
Subject: RE: BS: Young Earth Creationism
1) How can religious morality be used to stop misapplications of scientific research?

It can't because religious morality is all over the map and means different things to different people. The misapplications of scientific research such as the Manhattan Project or hydrogen bombs will never be stopped by religious morality in fact religious morality has been used to rationalize the use of these odious weapons.

2) Can science provide a framework for a moral system?

Of course it can, when it is applied for the benefit of society. The problem with frameworks for a moral system is that it turns out to be system(s) which often clash with one another.

3) Which religion should be allowed to exercise it's moral authority over science (or anything else for that matter)?

None. It should not interfere with the practice of science. There is no moral authority that can govern the behavior of mankind without damage. There is "ethics", however, and you don't need religion for that.

4) What is the ultimate source of that authority?

The ultimate source is the dictatorial constructs used to manipulate others.

5) Is it possible the source of religious moral authority might not sit too well with the people who are being directed by it?

Dictatorship never sits well with anyone. The religious moral authority is often an excuse to oppress others.

6) Does politics have a role in this?

Religion is a form of politics. It has been so since Saladin and Constantine. It is hierarchical in nature and hence political.

Make it so even a pompous fat twat like me can understand.

Religion's use is only as good as it improves the way society functions for the benefit of all. Young Earth Creation serves no positive function to improve society. It is a construct
that has meaning only to oppress those by subjecting them to a cultish mythology.