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Posted By: bbelle
27-Oct-00 - 01:08 PM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 2001-Which dates?
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway 2001-Which dates?
Can we bring space heaters? Turn them on when we're around; turn them off when we're not? I was toasty at night, thanks to sheets and blankies provided by Rita and Bill. But I froze at the chow hall on Sunday night and finally had to go to the cabin and crawl under the covers to warm up.

And, thank you, Dani, for the towels and pillows. It sure made a big difference in what size bag I had to tote around!!

The days were warm and beautiful. Longsleeve shirt weather, but a wonderful change from North Florida. G-d was looking out for us, definitely.

But, I do think space heaters are the answer. Or battery-operated heated socks and underthings.