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Posted By: Paul Burke
07-Jan-12 - 08:33 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Kipling's 'Recessional'
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Kipling's 'Recessional'
Kipling at the peak of British empire arrogance. It ought to be anathema to Americans.

What is The Devout Prayer that Follows?
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget - lest we forget!

What must we not forget? Ozzy Mandias?

Two vast and legless drunks of Stone
Stand in the desert...

Who's this Lord God of Hosts?

Holy, holy, holy,
Lord God of Hosts,
Thy glory fills all heaven and earth!
Hosanna in the highest!

And what does "hosanna" mean?

Recursively fossilised ideas, sound signifying nothing.


(what does that mean? Bless.)