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Posted By: catspaw49
27-Oct-00 - 03:19 PM
Thread Name: Ballads & Songs of Tradition:Folk Legacy
Subject: RE: Ballads & Songs of Tradition:Folk Legacy
Sandy and Caroline are just real special people MT, and what they and Lee created with Folk Legacy is extraordinary.

Adding to what Mick said..........I've commented several times here that buying from Folk Legacy, you get not only an excellent album, but you get an education. The "liner notes" can hardly be described as liner notes ay all. In many cases they are entire booklets containing song histories and specifics relating to that version along with other pieces of information you just can't find anywhere else. Frankly, a collection of F-L liner notes would be as valuable in a way as the albums themselves. The committment to what folk really is has made F-L the most valuable of resources.

So thanks again Sandy and Caroline.....and Mick for allowing me another chance to say this.