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Posted By: Bill D
08-Jan-12 - 10:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: Young Earth Creationism
Subject: RE: BS: Young Earth Creationism
pete.... back aways you answered me this way:

"....though respecting your learning an argument from authority is not exactly convincing,though greatly superior to argument by ridicule!."

I somehow missed the opportunity to ask you just how MY opinion constitutes "an argument from authority" while yours does not.

If you 'respect my learning' - and possibly the learning of several others here who debate you on this topic - I must ask why you consistently reject this learning? My primary education was in philosophy and logic, which is why *I* dispute the patterns of reasoning you use. Others here, as you see, have pretty extensive knowledge of paleontology and geology...and even I have read extensively in those areas. You, on the other hand, refer mostly to creationist web sites which offer 'evidence' about things like 'hell ceek', which have been studied by experts and shown to not prove what you suggest.

I appreciate that you are anxious to preserve & defend ideas which seem to support the Biblical accounts of Genesis. The problem is- Genesis, as a book, is several thousand years old, and those who copied and translated it (and probably are the 'authors') only had myth and guesswork to work from. We have only had science which can understand dinosaur bones and DNA and carbon dating of materials for a short time. We can now begin to KNOW what happened when the Earth was young, and what our place in it represents.
If, as I said before, you want to say that this is HOW God directed it all to happen, I can't prove you wrong....but it is really an exercise in futility to cling to 'young Earth' theories and assert that all these experts, whose learning you respect, are wrong. The math and the science simply show that Earth IS several billion years old and that human history IS several million years old and that legends about floods are based on local events, not world-wide events.

There are many ways to express religious convictions and show reverence for Higher Powers that you believe in, but stubborn denial of obvious scientific facts is NOT a very useful way.