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Posted By: Peter T.
27-Oct-00 - 04:07 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's Banjo: The Real Story
Subject: Pete Seeger's Banjo: The Real Story
PART 2 OF 2 - Reports continue to pour in concerning Pete Seeger's banjo, which made a second escape from the clutches of the world-famous folk singer on October 24. It now appears that the earlier incident, purporting that the singer had forgotten his banjo and left it beside the road, was in fact a cover up for an unsuccessful attempt by the banjo to "head for Manhattan". This time, it appears that the banjo has been at least temporarily successful. Reached at his home, the famous folk singer said: "I don't know. One morning it just started playing something called "Copacabana" or is it "At the Copa"? Since then, it has been restless, throwing in diminished 7ths and all kinds of cocktail piano chords. I don't know -- maybe it has been at the forefront of struggle for so long, it just decided, hey, time to party!" Seeger says that the banjo should come back, that all is forgiven.

Long time neighbour of the Seegers, Daphne McNutt gave as her opinion: "You know it is real quiet in this part of New York State. I had an accordion once that had a mad crush on Lawrence Welk, and headed to the bubbles and the bright lights. It came back, you know, sorrier. But sometimes an instrument just has to, oh, you know, loosen a few strings, open the gas bag."

There have been unconfirmed sightings of the wayward banjo. A banjo answering to the description of the Seeger treasure was heard in the New York Port Authority busking for quarters to renditions of "Send in the Clowns" and "We'll Take Manhattan". Yesterday, a banjo was seen comforting fragments of a broken bat outside of Yankee Stadium. Celena Drigoods, a lady of no fixed address or morals, reported to police that the bat said: "First one of them breaks me, and then the other one throws me away." According to Ms. Drigoods, the banjo was playing "Living La Vida Loca" to cheer up the broken bat, and the two of them were last seen staggering towards midtown.

"We will do what we can to track down the whereabouts of this symbol of the folk era and the struggle for truth," said Chief Hooley of the New York City Police Department. "But it is a big city. Things happen. Take care of your instruments."