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Posted By: greg stephens
10-Jan-12 - 12:00 PM
Thread Name: core dances
Subject: RE: core dances
Back in the late 70's/early80's, I worked with legendary caller(now storyteller) Taffy Thomas, and we worked on a series of barn dance tours with the theatre company Welfare State International. These were absolutely for the general public, and were not remotely aimed at country dancers.They were theatre shows, but they involved the audience dancing. We refined a series of dances which went well consistently, and these were(not in any order,and from memory which may be faulty):

Circassian Circle, Clopton Bridge, Cumberland Square, Bridge of Athlone, Lucky Seven, Cumberland Reel, Holmfirth Square, Three Around Three, Oxo Reel, Winster Gallop, Cumberland Reel, Hokey Cokey, Swedish Masquerade, Heel and Toe Polka.

I should add we were working mainly in Cumbria and north Lancashire. They might not be equally succesful elsewhere. Incidentally, the habit has grown in recent years for callers(or those connected with some kind of country-dancing "scene" as opposed to the real world) to sneer at the Cumberland Square Eight as being old fashioned. Let them sneer by all means, but please don't come and call with the Boat Band.