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Posted By: Mo the caller
11-Jan-12 - 07:26 AM
Thread Name: core dances
Subject: RE: core dances
Congratulations, you must be doing something right if they've asked you.
Is this a dance club with existing regular members? If so ask them what dances they already know or have danced.
What age are they?
Do they use recorded music?

The first club we went to danced mostly the 'traditional' dances,an evening had a 'core' of dances, and if we go there now 25 years on, we'll dance the same type of dances, often the same dances
Bridge of Athlone
Waves of Tory
Dorset 4 Hand Reel
Redwing (and other simple squares)
and others suitable for a one-off ceilidh
Some a little trickier till you knew them
Nottingham Swing (which is a longways 'duple minor' dance and can go wrong at the ends with beginners)
Chinese Breakdown (a square with a fast chorus which they love but newcomers find confusing)

Other clubs have a completely different type of programme. SteveG may avoid 'dancers dances' like the plague, but many of us enjoy them. We may not have the energy to dance an evening of Ceilidh dances as they should be done, but we still can dance (our club has had members over 90 dancing every dance). The music for some of them are spine-tingling. And it is a great feeling when your set fits the moves to the music. Whether it is Playford, or American squares or Contra. The little bit more complexity keeps us coming back every week, some dances are fun occassionally but get boring.

I think you are right to look for a core, there seems to be less standardisation at Country Dance Clubs now than when I started calling, since many callers are writting dances, and people who've met them at festivals want to try them at their club. Now clubs dance the callers favourites as a core and the new ones that they are trying out.

If you ask everyone in the club to name their favourite dance you will have a bit of a core, and if you tell us what they say we'll know what kind of club you've found.