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Posted By: Mo the caller
11-Jan-12 - 07:41 AM
Thread Name: core dances
Subject: RE: core dances
I've just remembered this book

All the dances in it are dances that regular 'club' dancers will meet if they go to dances and festivals. Hugh tells you if they are Contra, Ceilidh or Playford types. And how hard they are. I found all the Playford and most of the Ceilidh dances familiar, and I recognised the names of a lot of the Contras too (though I don't do as much of that).

These are not dances published just because someone's written them, they are tried and tested 'Standards' click for list Maybe you could use them to build your core.

And he has useful chapters on calling at different kind of events, and a glossary explaining the terms.

Lots more information here