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Posted By: gnu
11-Jan-12 - 02:06 PM
Thread Name: Copperhead Road - explanation of line
Subject: RE: Copperhead Road - explanation of line
Primer is also used up country so that a vehicle is less visible in moonlight. Everything is primed except windows and lights (crossing main roads is always done with the side windows down). Taillights power wiring is cut and connectors installed. Powerful lights on a rooftop lightbar are mounted facing mostly backwards. Side mirrors removed. Gastanks are "modified" (trucks with dual tanks).

And, of course, the chainsaw is fueled and starts first pull. The waterproof GMRS have fresh batteries (these guys never go swimmin alone, eh, on accounta "safety first, eh).

Speakin a saftey... I stay away from them guys. Great guys to drink with but too rough around the edges fer me.