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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
12-Jan-12 - 08:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
"Anyone who apologizes for that sicko is as sick as he is."

Are you referring to me? I don't apologize for other people. But I do believe the man has served his time. I also believe that he received harsher punishment than his cohorts because he was famous. I think you all might have a legit beef with the prosecutors and whether you think the sentencing guidelines are stiff enough. But Vick is an ex-con who has done all that he was told to do. If you hate dog fighting, perhaps you can find a more current and productive way to express that.

Why Don't you support the Humane Society like this guy does?