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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
12-Jan-12 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
The "Holywood gossip" article was quoting a letter that Vick had put out there. "the newly-released star and new member of the Philadephia Eagles has written a lengthy, public apology"

They mentioned the letter and quoted the letter. I posted this in response to Gnu saying that Gnu had only heard one apology which Jon Stewart had trashed. I would trust nearly any news source, no matter what it called itself, to quote a letter in the public domain. So I did not look for a second source.

Here's the deal. You don't think he is sorry? Who gives a fuck whether he is or not? He is walking the walk.

According to the Humane Society of The United States, an organization which was instrumental in prosecuting him and presented evidence used in his trial,

received a very harsh sentence given the law at the time. He served it, was model prisoner and earned his parole.
Vick lobbied Congress for tougher penalties for Dog fighting crimes
Vick donated one million dollars to an organization that rehabilitates fighting dogs.
Vick speaks regularly to youth to discourage "Dog fighting culture."

It is arguable, almost a certainty, that Vick, since his conviction has made a bigger contribution to stopping dog fighting in the US that any other individual in the history of this country. He doesn't seem sorry enough for you? Tough shit.