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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
12-Jan-12 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
>>>You don't seem to get it. He is making millions of dollars because some people believe his shit. He is only doing what any smart agent would tell him to do.<<<

He is making millions because he is skilled at Football. He'd be playing, if he did just one of the three things he is doing for the HSUS. He certainly could have kept his million dollars.

>>>Why do you feel he is entitled to forgiveness?<<<

Everyone is entitled to forgiveness. As Jeri said, I can't see his soul. He is outwardly doing quite a bit. What is more he is putting himself in contact with dog lovers and kids who may become dog fighters in the work he is doing for the HSUS.

>>>Do you realy believe that 18 months in a high class prison with catered food and gym facilities is suficient punishment for such an evil act?<<<

It was a stiff sentence for the time. Should Congress have passed a special law just to punish Michael Vick? Read the HSUS FAQ. They hardly get to prosecute anyone, much less a famous rich person.   Have a guess who is NOW lobbying to make the sentences stiffer?

>>>Do you think its OK to turture a dog to death?<<<

No I do not.

>>>Are you into dogfighting?<<<

No I am not. Are you into having your balls licked?

>>And I'll thank you to leave my balls out of it, Mater of fact it troubles me that you feel the need to mention my balls at all.<<

You seem very tense. Perhaps you would feel better after having your balls licked? I hear that all that you need is some peanut butter and a willing higher order mammal. Perhaps Chongo is available?