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Posted By: Howard Jones
13-Jan-12 - 07:34 AM
Thread Name: UK: Folk21 & Regional Days
Subject: RE: UK: Folk21 & Regional Days
I think it's telling the difference between what people say makes a good folk club (good venue, good floor singers, regular guests, good website etc) compares with the reality. So many clubs seem to be in dingy venues, with crap floor singers, only occasional guests (and then mainly local unknowns, no disrepect intended) and with poorly designed and out-of-date websites.

What I find surprising, and disappointing, is the number who say they are put off folk clubs because they find them cliquey and unfriendly. That never used to be my experience, although as a singer and musician perhaps I found it easier to gain acceptance.

The main reason I no longer go to clubs very often is the lack of good guests coupled with poor floorsingers. I have limited time, and I have no desire to listen to poor singers in return for doing a couple of songs myself, when I can go to a tune session and play all evening. I do miss the clubs though.