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Posted By: Mark Clark
13-Jan-12 - 11:48 AM
Thread Name: Tech: iphone vs ipad
Subject: RE: Tech: iphone vs ipad
OK, here's my approach.

I picked up an iPad (I) a couple of years ago and love it. I bought a 64 GB Wi-Fi only model because I normally have access to Wi-Fi and didn't want to run out of storage. Because I knew I'd want Internet access sometimes when Wi-Fi wasn't available, I eventually opted for a "My-Fi" mobile hotspot from Virgin Mobile. This device uses the Sprint network. The advantage, to me, of the My-Fi device is that I don't need a monthly subscription. I can let the account sit dormant and only feed it some money when I know I'm going to be traveling where there is no Wi-Fi access. I only need to feed the kitty a couple of times a year so this works really well for me.

I stayed away from the iPhone because it was AT&T only and, like you, our area is poorly served by AT&T. I've been a long time Verizon customer because it doesn't matter where I go. I can be in the mountains of east Tennessee or some rural Iowa location and still have great service. But after my experience with the iPad, I knew I'd eventually have to have an iPhone. So when Verizon offered the iPhone 4, I picked up a 32 GB model.

I love both of my iOS devices and would be very reluctant to give up either of them. My music (MP3) goes on my iPhone so it's with me all the time. I also use some apps like the Peterson strobe tuner app. I never have to worry about finding a tuner. The Peterson strobe app is as good as Peterson's other high-end tuners and I use it often.

The iPad is where I keep videos and sheet music. Even after two years my iPad is slightly under half full. Had I purchased a 32 GB iPad it would now be too full since you need to leave some working memory open.

There are some wonderful iOS apps for musicians. Many of them run on both the iPad and iPhone but most are more useful on the iPad. I've picked up a few that I haven't wound up using very much but here is a list of the apps I use most:
There are hundreds if not thousands of great music apps for iPad and iPhone. We should probably begin a moderated thread here where users can discuss the iOS music apps they use and share tips. The apps you choose will depend on whether you are a teacher, performer, recording artist, or jammer. Many people are all of those at times. But I really think you'll need both an iPad and an iPhone if you plan to use them for music. And if you have an iPhone and an Internet connected Mac, you may not want to spend the extra money for 3G/4G capability on your iPad.

I'll try to remember to monitor this thread if you have other questions.

      - Mark