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Posted By: GUEST, Tom Bliss
14-Jan-12 - 05:50 AM
Thread Name: UK: Folk21 & Regional Days
Subject: RE: UK: Folk21 & Regional Days
There are all manner of gatherings, Peter, and all of them different. How you feel about visiting one may depend on what you are looking for as much as how you are greeted.

Sorry George I didn't explain. It defaults to the log in page if you are not logged in to Facebook on the browser you are using for Mudcat (as I would not be), or, obviously, if you don't have a facebook account. As a result I can't find the facebook page on my facebook browser. Shame to seem to be working behind closed doors, no? Better, surely, to link straight to the document?

The open website looks like a good start.

I've rather missed out on these recent developments, though, as I've been otherwise engaged. Has folkWISE reached the end of its natural life? In which case should I rebrand my Hints and Tips pages perhaps, or even close it down if this new one does it all more up-to-date-ly? (Feel free to link to my page if you think that would help). []

Have you considered providing a link to Graham Dixon's survey results as well? It's all useful stuff.

And is the folk Club Organisers Group still going?

I'm slightly confused about the relationship (if any) between folkWISE, Folk21 (what does the 21 mean by the way?), fCOG and the UK Folk Club Network facebook group.

It might be an idea to clarify and provide a little road map so people can see who's who.

Best of

T x