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Posted By: Gurney
15-Jan-12 - 04:54 AM
Thread Name: Help: WWII & Brit'Cat Musical Quesions
Subject: RE: Help: WWII & Brit'Cat Musical Quesions
In the cheapo section of places where they sell recordings you can often find VERY cheap CDs that include some of the songs that JenEllen wants. Sally Army, Hospice, and other opportunity shops sell them even cheaper, but you need to take your spectacles with you. They are never at a comfortable height to read. When Gran dies, that's where her recordings go! Online searches of big bands of the era is the easiest way to find them. Billy Cotton?
Unfortunately, the CDs are sometimes mastered from old records, so they are far from perfect.
There are two CDs of George Formby songs available, mostly from WWII, with Mr. Woo being on firewatching duty and later in the RAF among about 35 others....