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Posted By: TheSnail
15-Jan-12 - 06:01 PM
Thread Name: Why didn't MacColl like Dylan?
Subject: RE: Why didn't MacColl like Dylan?
I should know better and I really have got more important things to do with my time, but...

Jim Carroll

I am finding discussion with you as wholesome as I always did

Glad to hear it.

You continue to object to criticism of Dylan and Campbell,

Never done anything of the sort. I am sure that they are both worthy of criticism but also worthy of praise, Just like MacColl in fact.

while at the same time, allowing deliberate and vicious attacks on another artist

Sorry Jim but I don't have the power to allow or forbid attacks of any sort on anybody. I can only observe and comment.

- including the attampted sabotage of a major work, through on the nod

Took me a while to work out what you were on about there. I presume you were talking about the John Brune incident with 'The Travelling People'. I know nothing about this incident. I was thirteen at the time. I have never previously heard of John Brune. I have not read Sheila Stewart's Living Tradition interview. I do not "allow" it nor condone it nor condemn it. I know nothing about it and I have no power to change it. What would you have me do?

- can I assume that you would be happy to see guests at your club treatedin the same manner - where do I get my ticket!!!!

You are welcome to our club anytime. Valmai offered to pay for a workshop place for you just a few days ago. I promise you will get a floorspot; we don't demand proof of ability in advance. On the other hand, if you behave as you have as you have on Mudcat (castigating our guests for performing something which doesn't fit your definition of folk music, railing at a nervous and/or elderly floor singer for using a prompt sheet), then you will be asked to leave. I will repay your entry price out of my own pocket so as not to penalise the guest. Fortunately, nothing like that has ever happened; it is a very friendly and sociable environment.

All this seems to be indicative of the values you bring to the music I have devoted much of my life to

There you go. If you can't address the issues I have raised, resort to personal attack. (Am I allowed to object to attacks on me?) I know you have devoted much of your life to the music. I admire you for it. Otherwise I wouldn't have wasted my time debating with you. My values in folk music revolve around two words, "folk" and "music". "Folk" is a sort of folksie word for people. Lets not debate what "music" means. I devote quite a lot of time and effort to the idea of folk and music, folk enjoying music, folk performing music. I am quite happy with my values thank you.

- if it's all the same with you, I prefer those Maccoll brought.

Curious, because, as far as I can make out, MacColl shared my values about helping to bring people and music together. In what way do we differ other than my lack of comparable talent?