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Posted By: ollaimh
16-Jan-12 - 05:00 PM
Thread Name: Why didn't MacColl like Dylan?
Subject: RE: Why didn't MacColl like Dylan?
m the gm doesn't get it that lowlanders are not gaels. lowlanders are part of anglo saxon culture. gaels are not. neither of ewans parants nor any of his ancestors spoke gaelic nor weere part of gaelic culture. back in the sixties and seventies when folk cred was deemed so inportant by anglos many made up these fake claims to highland/gaelic roots. i found it in the uk asnd canada. americans are not so obsessed with faking their roots. they jst like to play good songs.

the whole traditional and purist movement grew first out of european nationalism, where folk music was seen as a strength to the national identity and hence to militarism. then the left got into it and began to see volkisch kulture as part of building working c;ass adgenda. both were using identities to furthere their selfish interests and cared not a whit for the people producing the music.

ewan and every body here is welcome to share gaelic culture. but it is imperialism to claim to lead it. we got lottsa leaders. they are people who work at playing with virtusio ability or learn to sing inn gaelic with beauty. gaelic culture doesn't often set up ideologies and political structures to lead at least in folk music. if you are great you lead.

many mnay mediocre anglo musicians try to over come their tanlent freedom and instrumental challebges by being purists and leading by ideology. it's cultural appropriation. the last stage of imperialism. it ussed to be so easy to ostracize the minority cultures but nowadays you can get music from everywhere and its obvious who is the culture producer and who are the blowhards.

i repeat ewan wasn't a gael, his parents were not gaels. lowlanders are not gaels. if yopu use a fake gaelic name well you asked for last name is french. i'm a quarter acadien. we spoke little french untill i went to school. but with grahdparents who were maclaughlanns, macmurry's and maciain's we di speak gaelic in the house. that's being a highlander!   almost no one ewan every knew was gaelic speaking. stirling is not the jighlands and miller isn,\t a highland name. however mccoll is.

again ewan mccoll is welcome to join and participate in our culture. i have chinese arab and african american friends who have learned gaelic or highland dancing and the music. they are welcome. but they never expect to lead--unless they get so good we go to them to learn. which some i know of have. i don't care what your background if you approach other cultures with respect and diligence. however if you are just claiming some idiotic folk cred and learning little or nothing of gaelic culture then you are part of the imperialist world view.