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Posted By: Little Hawk
18-Jan-12 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: Why didn't MacColl like Dylan?
Subject: RE: Why didn't MacColl like Dylan?
There is nothing else quite like listening to a group of UK folkies wrangle over the minutiae of some folk music controversy whilst hurling little personal barbs at one another over their opponents' perceived character flaws and other shortcomings. It's like watching a small woodpecker attempt to fell a mighty oak.

But what I find disturbing is that no one has gone further into the question of Dylan's clothing causing mental distress to Ewan MacColl. What about those leather "Beatle boots" that Dylan and so many other were wearing by around 1965?

Verrrrry upsetting!

As for Communism making "everyone the same"'s what state capitalism and fascism do, as demonstrated in Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, Soviet Russia, Mao's China, and Pol Pot's Cambodia. They called themselves Communists. They were Fascists imagining themselves to be communists.

The one place I've been which I think does come reasonably close to real communism is Cuba...and I absolutely loved Cuba...and people there are not "all the same". I found a great deal of individualism and open-minded thought in Cuba, along with a lot of shared community spirit.