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Posted By: Ross Campbell
19-Jan-12 - 03:45 PM
Thread Name: Best female guitar players?
Subject: RE: Best female guitar players?
Barbara Dickson used to play a decent guitar before she went pop.

Pat Ryan always played a strong guitar accompaniment to support a great singing voice.

Gill Burns from Liverpool had a good style. There's some info on recordings in this thread .

Rosie Hardman played some good guitar.

All self-accompanying, no solo guitar stuff that I remember.

Julie Henigan does some nice instrumental tunes, as did (does?) Wendy Grossman.

"Women's Guitar Workshop" (Kicking Mule) has tracks by Gill Burns and Wendy Grossman, as well as others from Janet Smith, Lynn Clayton and Margo Random. Click on the link to find mp3 samples of the following:-

Gill Burns:

1. Medley: Off She Goes & Lily Boleiro

2. Roxborough Castle

3. Give Me Your Hand

4. Gillespie's Hornpipe

5. Fairies' Hornpipe

Janet Smith:

6. Green, Green Rocky Road

7. Piano Mover's Rag

8. If I'd Have Known

9. Curried Sunflower Seeds

Wendy Grossman:

10. Kemp's Gigue

11. Atholl Highlanders

Margo Random:

12. Little Creature

13. Top Of The Hill

14. Mosquito Song

15. Rapid Pips

Lynn Clayton:

16. Lord and Lady Fitzwater

17. Cat and Mouse

Liz Moroney (Scottish Borders) has a great style for accompanying traditional music, jazzy like Hazel Wrigley - also, like Hazel, can do the same on piano/keyboards.