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20-Jan-12 - 10:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Who the hell is MacColl?
Subject: RE: BS: Who the hell is MacColl?
I have hesitated to write as to MacColl's songs. I am likely the only person on Earth who thinks TFTEISYF is not a great song. I do not like it at all.

His 'Shoals of Herring', 'Travelling People' and 'Manchester Rambler' are songs of lasting value and worth. 'Dirty Old Town' has a place in the legacy of music, as does 'Freeborn Man' and 'Sweet Thames Flow Softly'.

People who do not write songs will laud him for his fame. People who do write songs will recognize his genius.

I do NOT care that he was a dip-shit politically, or that he had a view of himself that does not fit MY view of him. I liked and like what he wrote and what I thought and think is of value.

I am tired of UKers assuming that he is necessarily theirs to do with as they choose. The songs I mentioned above now belong to the world. And thus, so does MacColl (Miller), and that's that, imo.

PS 'The Manchester Rambler' is one of the better songs I've heard in my life. It causes a person to WANT to sing. The fact my grandfather came from Lancashire has nothing to do with it--although he was a tough sonuvabitch and a MU supporter. (If you dcn't know what the difference between MU and MC is, you shouldn't be reading this!)

Anyway, while I will not sanctify MacColl, neither will I put him down. He wrote good songs that we remember today, and if that ain't good enough for ya, write one that's better.

Jack Walsh's grandson, and proud to be so.