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Posted By: ollaimh
21-Jan-12 - 11:43 AM
Thread Name: Why didn't MacColl like Dylan?
Subject: RE: Why didn't MacColl like Dylan?
just to be clear. mac mc or m' in front of a name is a prenom that comes from a language other than english. IT'S GAELIC!!

people with that in their names are usually descended from gaelc. in our own language we called ourselves gaels. anglos from the scottish lowlands and england have called us highlanders for a long time. that's part of the cultural genocide against the gaels. it is a name designed to ignore ethnic linguistic and racial differences, hence denying the existance of a whole people and justifying thier ethnic cleansing from the highlands and islands of scotland.

circa 1745 gaels made up more than fourty per cent of the scottish population. now they are less than five per cent. the famine, the clearances and the forced immigration eliminated them from the land that the anglos wanted. after much surffering and a death rate well over fifty percent we did well in canada. however if you want to participate in gaelic culture you are welcome to come and learn.

what ewan maccoll did was come and take leadership. as a good stalinist he continued the cultural genocide. as stalinists did almost every were they were in power. look at nicaraugua, cuba and chine for communists genocide against aborigional people.

gaels were one of the aborigional people of the celtic isles, and were destroyed by the military capitalist and supported in this by stalinists.

i do not wish to ignore or denigrate the much worse genocide against africans in the slave trade and especially against the aborigionals of north america. british imperialism in the form of militray capitalism was tested on geals, and welsh then perfected on natives of north america==who got it much much worse.

maccoll was a racist hypocrite.