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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
28-Oct-00 - 10:43 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: On Board of a Man-of-War
Subject: Lyr Add: THE DEATH OF LORD NELSON (from T Hughes)
I haven't yet heard the Bellamy record, but I can do this much:

This is the version of The Death of Nelson that Thomas Hughes gave in The Scouring of the White Horse (1859) -without a tune, unfortunately:


Come all you gallant seamen as unites a meeting,
Attend to these lines I be going to relate,
And when you have heard them 'twill move you with pity
To think how Lord Nelson he met with his fate.
For he was a bold and undaunted commander
As ever did sail on the ocean so wide;
He made both the French and the Spaniard surrender
By always a-pouring into them a broadside.

One hundred engagements 'twas he had been into,
And ne'er in his life was he known to be beat,
Though he'd lost an arm, likewise a right eye, boys;
No power upon earth ever could him defeat.
His age at his death it was forty and seven;
And as long as I breathe, his great praises I'll sing;
The whole navigation was given up to him,
Because he was loyal and true to his king.

Then up steps the doctor in a very great hurry,
And unto Lord Nelson these words did he say
"Indeed, then, my Lord, it is I'm very sorry,
To see you here lying and bleeding this way."
"No matter, no matter whatever about me,
My time it is come, I'm almost at the worst;
But here's my gallant seamen a-fighting so boldly,
Discharge off your duty to all of them first."

Then with a loud voice, he calls out to his captain,
"Pray let me, sir, hear how the battle does go,
For I think our great guns do continue to rattle,
Though death is approaching I firmly do know."
"The antagonist's ship has gone down to the bottom,
Eighteen we have captive and brought them on board,
Four more we have blown quite out of the ocean,
And that is the news I have brought you, my Lord."

Come all you gallant seamen as unites a meeting,
Always let Lord Nelson's memory go round,
For it is your duty, when you unites a meeting,
Because he was loyal and true to the crown'd.
And now to conclude and finish these verses,
"My time it is come; kiss me, Hardy", he cried.
Now thousands go with you, and ten thousand blessings
For gallant Lord Nelson in battle who died.

Mourn, England, mourn, mourn and complain,
For the loss of Lord Nelson, who died on the main.