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Posted By: Jim Dixon
24-Jan-12 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: Song from Patriot Games movie
Subject: RE: Song from Patriot Games movie
The only song listed on the soundtrack page for "Patriot Games" (1992) at is THEME FROM HARRY'S GAME performed by Clannad. The song was first used in the TV miniseries "Harry's Game" (1982). It was written by Ciaran Brennan and/or Pol Brennan, according to various sources. It has appeared on several Clannad albums and collections of Irish music, and many others have recorded it too.

I have listened to the song, and it seems to be all in Irish Gaelic, which I don't understand and can't transcribe—with the possible exception of the refrain, which sounds like "Fal-lal-the-doe, fal-the-day, fal-the-doe, fal-the day"—which I assume is nonsense, since it closely resembles nonsense refrains I have heard in English-language songs.

The song is quite short, only 2:28 in duration, and is sung so slowly that I figure it can't amount to much more than about 3 lines, apart from the refrain, which is sung, I think, 5 times.

There is another thread about this song: Theme from Harry's Game... but it doesn't contain much information, and no lyrics.