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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
29-Oct-00 - 12:53 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Green Lady
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Green Lady
Thankyou, J. Clone!  There is a problem with the correlation between text and music which I failed to notice when I originally posted this.  The text Ms. Tongue gives in the body of her book is not quite the same as that which she gives with the music in the appendix; in the latter there is an extra line!  Since last January I have discovered how to embed lyrics into midis, and so will be unlikely to miss something like that again.  Thankyou, Sophocleese, for pointing out my mistake.  If you read the first verse as follows (text in bold is the missing line) it should fit:

Now all you young fellows take heed what I tell.
A-down in the wood a Green Lady do dwell.
Her hair it is green and all green is her gown,
And she calleth to all, "Come here! Draw near!"
But she means them no good, for she drinks their hearts' blood;
They never do wed, for they takes to their bed,
For 'tis Death, cold Death do draw near
And they dies -they all dies at the end of the year.
All under the tree
There sits a Green Lady.