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Posted By: Jim Dixon
25-Jan-12 - 12:46 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sunday Street (Dave Van Ronk)
Subject: Lyr Add: SUNDAY STREET (Dave Van Ronk)
Written by Dave Van Ronk
As sung by Dave Van Ronk in a live performance on YouTube

1. Not a dollar, not a nickel, not a penny to my name,
The king o' Tap City an' I'm out o' the game.
A nickel up, a nickel down, another nickel gone,
Ain't got a nickel left to carry me on.
If I ever get back on my feet,
I'll move from Saturday Alley up to Sunday Street.

2. I'll get a pair o' dice that makes me seven all the time.
Gonna be livin' on chicken an' wine.
I want caviar, four-star, an' Johnny Walker Black,
Six pretty women in my gold Cadillac.
I'm gonna move where the livin' is sweet
From Saturday Alley up to Sunday Street.

3. My hands are shakin' an' I ain't feelin' well
From drinkin' King Kong liquor, cheap muscatel,
But a little taste o' bourbon an' breakfast in bed,
An' six pretty women [would raise] the dead.
Ah, me an' the other elite
Raisin' high-class hell up on Sunday Street.

4. Ev'rybody says I'm talkin' out o' my head,
But nobody bad-mouths the man with the bread,
An' all the whores are gonna drop their drawers
An' say, "There goes the man who mugged Santa Claus."
It pays to be discreet
When you're talkin' to the king of Sunday Street.


[Also sung by Choo Choo Charlie Williams & Baltimore Red Jones on "Gutbucket Blues" (1999).]