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Posted By: Janie
25-Jan-12 - 11:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Mudcat Gardeners 2012
Subject: RE: BS: Mudcat Gardeners 2012
Bobert, if the top soil available is clay loam and heavy, recommend 1/2 soil and 1/2 class A compost to start. It is nearly impossible to work sand in well enough to lighten the soil and it will sift out. North Carolina has several commercial composting operations that produce class A compost - but I don't know if any are near you. My local landfill - Orange Co., sells class A compost in bulk - produced by a company in Goldston- it is a cooperative effort between the company and Orange Co. Perhaps the landfill of your county, or a county near you does the same?

I don't think mundo grass would work for Kat in terms of climate or use.I'm not sure, but I think where she lives the climate and soil conditions approach high desert climates.