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Posted By: Cuilionn
20-Jul-98 - 12:00 AM
Thread Name: Scottish lullabies, please
Subject: RE: Scottish lullabies, please
The "Celtic Twilight 3" album is verra guid, tho' I cannae reca' th' outfit whae producit it. There's anither twa recordin's whae micht help ye oot:

1) "The Planet Sleeps" (sori, nae production info on this ane, either) is an international gaitherin' o' lullabyes, an' features beautiful renditions o' "Chi Mi Na Morbheanna" (Scots Gaelic) an' an Irish Gaelic song sumpit like--forgie my spellin'--"An Criosd An Siol."

2) "The Celtic Cradle" by--och, dear--Joemy Somebody...She's a lairner o' Celtic Languages, Doon Under, an' she sings all manner o' Celtic lullabyes but disnae include th' wairds in her liner notes. SInce she's singin' in Welsh an' three kinds o' Gaelic, ye think she'd dae us th'' tape's still a potential source o' sangs.

3) "So Early In The Morning" (Irish Children's Songs, Rhymes, and Games sung by the Clancy Children) is a grait gaitherin' o' material an' includes some lullabyes alang wi' th' ither stuff. 'Tis currently put oot by Rykodisc, and was originally recorded in 1962. Ye can reach th' company by E-mail at oor gae aff tae th' sicht at

4) "The World Sings Goodnight" tapes ane an' twa baith hae some Scottish an' Irish singin', if I reca' correctly, but it's been a while since I listened tae them sae I cannae say for sure.

5) Almaist all Gaelic singers put ane oor twa songs on ilka tape whae are commonly usit as lullabyes... an' for singin' in Braid Scots, luik tae th' recordin's o' Ewan MacColl oor Sheena Wellington. Here's hopin' this gies ye a few ideas, at least...I jist wish I cuid reca' th' distributors' names for ye!

An beannachd leibh,