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Posted By: GUEST,Pruett, Gary - Cedar City, UT
26-Jan-12 - 10:09 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Rough and tough and hard to bluff
Subject: RE: Origin: Rough and tough and hard to bluff
A witty younger brother, who was so adept with rapid retorts and 'come-backs' that we dubbed him 'the fastest lip in the west' told a similar story using the "rough, tough, hard to bluff and used to many hardships" phrase except that the main character was a guy named Gilbert, and after overcoming many hardships and enduring many adventures (all of which end in that phrase) the last scenario finds Gilbert serving in the Navy on a destroyer in war-time. Gilbert is assigned to watch for enemy submarines and is stationed 60 ft above the ship in the 'crows-nest'. He is clinging for dear life to the lip of the 'crows-nest' as the ship is being tossed to and fro in heavy seas, when suddenly an enormous wave heaves the ship so violently to one side that Gilbert is hurdled out of his perch and falls to the steel deck below. But that's OK, he is unharmed because Gilbert is, "rough, tough, hard-to-bluff and used to hard ships". He left the tone of his voice just hanging, like all the times before, and it took us just and instant to figure out that that was the end of his tale. It was a great story and I wish I could find it in its entirety. It would be fun to tell the kids when we go camping.