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01-Feb-12 - 12:59 PM
Thread Name: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Subject: RE: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
SRS, it was six dollars for a year. I don't remember how much for 2 to 3 years, but lifetime was only $25, which I will probably do sometime this year, or rather when my first year which I paid for expires.

I almost got my exercise by leaping over clutter on Monday. I had been to my girlfriend, the osteopath, where I had a wonderful hour and half session. That evening, I decided to try sitting on my yoga ball at my desk. I was reading to Morgan on the telephone, went down and didn't realize how much air it had lost. Roger was sitting across from me at the kitchen table and watched as the ball went out from under me, I fell back, hit my head on my office chair, and then fell flat on my back. I guess it looked pretty spectacular, it certainly felt like it. I had my Bluetooth on so I told Morgan I'd call him back, tossed it up on my desk and by that time of course Roger was over beside me.

In the past, I have been so weak, I've been unable to get myself up off the floor without more help than what Roger could provide. I thought that might be the case Monday night so called my daughter as I sat on the floor and asked her to send her husband over to help Roger and me. The good news is, by placing one knee on a pillow and one foot on the floor, with Rog lifting under one arm and me pulling up by holding the library table, I was able to get myself up! Up until then I had not cried from the shock or pain, but I did burst into tears of relief that I was finally strong enough to do that. It just showed me the past three weeks of eating right and sticking with my exercise had paid off. No more embarrassing calls to the fire brigade. ( we've only had to do that once when I fell and once when I couldn't make it to the car.)

Fortunately, my girlfriend had an opening on Tuesday, so I went back to her. She did a fantastic treatment on me, said I had a mild concussion and whiplash and advised rest for a couple of days. I did pretty well at doing that yesterday afternoon but didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Anyway, I am feeling better, don't have as many bruises as we'd expected, and am taking it easy.

I am determined to get one of those saddle chairs for my office, though!

Otherwise, we haven't done much around the house since Sunday. Morgan was over for supper on Monday and has been here each day before school. I have received more books in the mail, and have piles of books and other things which need to be packaged up, ready to be sent out to friends and family. I think that's the most decluttering I'll get to this week.

One other thing, we think my fall scared Luna. She huddled against the back door, just behind me after I fell. When I got back up we reassured her, but she would not leave my side. Ever since she's been with us, since last August, she has never wanted to spend the night in our room, no matter what we did to entice her. That night, she came in when I went to bed and wouldn't go out to her bed on the sofa. Roger brought in a scatter rug from the living room that she likes to lie on. She spent the whole night in our room on that night. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep, because no matter what I did, even just turning over in bed or coughing, I would hear the tip-tap of her toenails on the wooden floor and there she would be, right beside the bed checking up on me. I would have to reach out, pat her on the head so she'd know I was okay, then tip-tap back to the rug. She is so sweet.