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Posted By: Vic Smith
02-Feb-12 - 09:57 AM
Thread Name: Man in the Moon - old song?
Subject: RE: Man in the Moon - old song?
Pip Radish -
"What's the song that these guys are singing here?

Has it got any connection with the waltz tune "Man in the Moon", composed by Scan Tester?"

* The Man In The Moon was played by Scan Tester but was not composed by him.

* The Man In The Moon that Pip links to is - as has been pointed out - a version of Hares On The Mountain.

* The tune that Pip links to is an entirely different one to the waltz that Scan used to play.

* I have an early (195?) poor recording of Scan made by Ken Stubbs at (I think) The Stone Quarry at Chelwood Gate where Scan played for most Saturdays over 40 years when he didn't have a better paid gig playing for a dance or a wedding etc. Scan starts with his way with The Man In The Moon and all the regulars start to sing a different song to the one that Pip links to. The words sound as though they may be Music Hall in origin.

* The entire book, I Never Played To Many Posh Dances, is now available on the "Musical Traditions" Website at

* There is a complete transcription of two long radio interviews that I did with Reg Hall, again this is on the "Musical Traditions" website, just after the I Never Played To Many Posh Dances double album and book were released in 1990 . All the tracks that were played to illustrate points in the interview are included as Real Audio links in the article and they include The Man In The Moon. This is at

* A lot of the information that Reg Hall used in his book on Scan came from a long interview that I did with Scan that appeared in one of the early editions of the magazine Traditional Music when Keith Summers were the editor.