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Posted By: Desert Dancer
07-Feb-12 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: War Horse film
Subject: RE: War Horse film
Son and I saw the movie on Sunday. Although we soaked the hankies we brought, it wasn't as emotionally bad as I thought it would be. More just tear-jerking. It's Spielberg, after all. I kept thinking, "those guys in the trenches are way too clean." It's adapted from a children's book, and feels like it, rather than being as bitingly lifelike and gore-filled as could be possible given the material. (Mike Yates, I think I'm with your conclusions, entirely.) So, horsey people, I would actually recommend it.

Definitely lovely Devon scenery.

Regarding the music, there was only one song that I was conscious of, that came as the first volunteers (and the horses) march out of the village. I believe this is John Tams' song, "The Red and the Blue". We stayed to the end of the credits, and I think there were three songs/tunes credited to people other than John Williams; one definitely was Tams. The credits were going too fast for me to catch the other names.

It kind of annoys me that the movie website doesn't have the full credits, and that, which includes some "uncredited" crew members, does not include these, either.

~ Becky in Tucson