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Posted By: Little Hawk
09-Feb-12 - 12:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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Beautifully told, Rap.

My Father had a couple of really lousy officers in the war who constantly sent men out on pointless night patrols in the same way, just to make themselves look like hot stuff and maybe get a promotion...and a lot of men got killed on those night patrols.

One of those officers ended up receiving a .303 round right through his binoculars while he was way back behind the line, watching his guys trade fire with the Germans. My father said everyone in the unit knew darned well it was one of his own soldiers who most likely fired that shot, but no one ever found out who it was that did it. He was sent off to hospital in critical condition, and not seen again by that unit.

The other one was a perfect son of a bitch who was utterly hated by the men he served under. He also caused many men to die uselessly. One day he ordered them to build a personal latreen (outhouse) for him after clearing a section of an old German minefield. They dug the hole and built the latreen. The first time he went in to use it he closed the door, presumably sat down on the seat and....BAM!!!

The latreen blew to smithereens and the explosion left a big crater in the ground. They found one boot with a foot in it about 50 yards away, and buried it with full honours, and that was the end of that guy.

My father said he had a pretty good idea of who would have done it, cos there was one guy in the unit who was an expert at rigging up bombs with pressure switches, and he had helped build the latreen. It was written off as an "accident", unexploded German mine that had presumably been missed while clearing the area. They had a lot else to think about, after all, and no one missed the guy anyway.