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Posted By: C Stuart Cook
09-Feb-12 - 07:33 AM
Thread Name: BBC Folk Awards winners?
Subject: RE: BBC Folk Awards winners?
Bill Leaders award was a fantastic moment. Just possibly the greatest wizard at the back of countless artists there has ever been. Young Mike nearly crumbling was understandable in the circumstances.

I think Stu Mac's dedication was superb not so much for what he was saying to us but in terms of telling outsiders present/listening what the calibre of people from the folk world are. I still think Lorna Campbell is one of the best female singers I've ever heard.

At least Ian Campbell dressed for the occasion unlike Christy Moore who looked like he'd just come in from walking the dog.

Whatever the heated discussions around the awards I was glad to be be able to watch it. I can't say I really heard anything that would have grabbed me if I wasn't already out of the folk world.

What does worry me is the disparity between what I see and hear in my little folk world. I can't see Pete Coe, Steve Turner, Brian Peters, Harvey Andrews, Vin Garbutt, Phil Hare, Bram Taylor, Gary & Vera Aspey, Bernard Wrigley and countless others ever really getting much of a look in if the format stays as it is. Stanley Accrington at least got into the stalls but will hever get any nearer the stage? I doubt it, but I'd bet he'd make a presenter to remember if MH ever had to cry off sick.

John Tams got his little anti Conservative political dig in, but where was he when the two B's and their henchmen were destroying our society and going to war on smokey lies.