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Posted By: Desert Dancer
10-Feb-12 - 07:36 PM
Thread Name: Electronic metronomes
Subject: RE: Electronic metronomes
The iTunes app stores has more than 200 apps for metronomes or that contain metronomes in addition to other functions. And that's to say nothing of the apps for the iPad...

Today I heard about one app that solves the "beep" versus "click" problem: "Chatternome" (web link, not iTunes), for iPhone:

One, two, three and four -- a practice metronome that speaks the beats out loud.

Designed by a cognitive psychologist (and aspiring amateur musician) to make his own practice regime more efficient.

Also includes a trainer that can automatically speed up or slow down the tempo. Counts in 8th notes, sixteenths, and triplets. Even lets you make your own beats.

Great for instrumentalists, vocalists, and dancers, too.

Ease the burden on your practicing brain by having Chatternome speak the beats for you.

One of the problems that I have with metronomes is that if you slip a beat you don't necessarily know where you are in the measure. Some electronic metronomes will give you a louder click based on the time signature, but this seems like it would be even easier to understand. I'm giving it a try.

More about the creator of the app on this thread: 'Guitar Zero' book on music learning .

~ Becky in Tucson