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12-Feb-12 - 11:06 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The Rose in June
Subject: RE: Lyr Req/Add: The Rose in June
I here's the Newfoundland version I know:
The lyrics work nicer to the tune, and there isn't an overbearing number of christian overones.

On the rocky coast of Newfoundland, in a little village there,
There was an Andrew Davison, serving God with all his care,
But he was not a man of rightous, but a humble fisherman,
Working hard to make a living on, on-the coast of Newfoundland.

He was the master of a vessel, and he claimed her for his own.
She was fitted to the mast sail. She was called the Rose in June,
And with eager expectation, looking forward t'ward the day
That the time would come for fishing and, and-the boats would sail away.

Now, Andrew had been married, and before he left his home,
Andrew and his wife together knelt in prayer before the Throne,
Asking God for His protection, and in the silence of the moon,
that not a Newfoundlander, would meet their water'doom.

That long night the storm was raging, and those angry billows roared,
Many vessels tossed and driven, all along that rocky shore.
Their crews all clinging to them, tossing onwards through the waves,
the fog had now been rolling in, lost in a seaward haze.

All along the coast next morning, waiting eyes did look to sea,
The children of those sailing men, the returning boats were seen.
One by one they entered the harbour, from morning until noon,
Until all were safely anchored, all except the Rose in June.

Whom the seas turned bottom upward, dashed against that rocky shore.
Her crew all clinging to her, thinking the storm would soon be o'er.
Andrew Davis was in trouble, looking forward to their ruin,
with the crew all hanging too her awaiting for their doom.

[There is a stanze and a half here in which I'm not sure of the lyrics, will find out later when re-anaylising the cassette.]

That Every Newfoundlander, has lost a Rose in June.
That Every Newfoundlander, has lost a Rose in June.