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Posted By: LilyFestre
13-Feb-12 - 12:25 AM
Thread Name: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Subject: RE: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
It's 12:13am and I am sitting in my nana's hospital room while she FINALLY is resting peacefully. The diagnostics today are far worse than what they had initially thought last night.

My mom and I are here for the night...not sure what's going to happen.

Today I drove about 130 miles between back and forth, getting this and that, going to the hospital, going home, back to the hospital, etc.

I did some gathering of medical paperwork for my Nana. I also did some stepping in for my nana this evening. There was a nurse who was handling her MUCH too roughly and shouting at her. My nana is 89 years old, her body doesn't move freely on a good day. I asked the nurse to please more gentle and she snarled at me.

Oh Really? Miss Michelle doesn't back down like she used to and I stood my ground (with 4 other medical people standing just watching and my mom also watching). If looks could have killed, I'd be on the floor and in the ground already but fortunately for me...they don't kill and they don't phase me either. Another nurse stepped in and GENTLY finished what was going on. I had immediate words with the supervisor and later her doctor. That particular nurse will NOT be *taking care* of my Nana. She shouldn't be taking care of anyone as far as I'm concerned.    I want compassionate care for my nana, it's what ever single person in any medical facility deserves and I'll be damned if I'm going to stand by and watch anything less than compassionate go on.

Regarding the local area agency on aging....yes...there are some superb people there that are well equipped to help with making far away plans for a loved one. There are others there who really shouldn't be. Sounds like you got a good one. I did too...after making a call to the local state representative office and hen the supervisor at the agency. :)

Gotta do what you gotta do to see that the ones you love and who can't really tend to themselves (on different levels) get proper care.

*sipping my coffee, looking over at my Nana who is connected to all kinds of machinery and knowing that I did the right thing*