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Posted By: katlaughing
13-Feb-12 - 05:27 PM
Thread Name: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Subject: RE: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Thanks, SRS. Yes, it does have to do with my energy levels and abilities, but also that his (step)dad, who is a cement finisher, has had steady work throughout the winter, which is unusual, mostly due to weather, so we get him early mornings before school which is a very nice way to start our day, all three of us, as Roger drives him to school.

It also has to do with my getting a full face mask for the BiPap machine as I seem to be a mouth breather and was not getting the full benefit of the machine, at night. I've been sleeping longer, more deeply, and more comfortably since using the mask. I am, though, going to try going back to the nasal "pillow" I was using and adding a chin strap. It would be more comfortable. The mask is okay, but I cannot scratch my nose (outside!)or clear my throat from allergy phlegm without taking the whole mask off, then having to strap it back on and it is not the easiest to get situated with no leaks. The real "miracle" I've noticed since using the mask is waking up with virtually no pain in my muscles and tendons. THAT had been going on for so long, I now wonder what if we had known years ago about sleep apnea and treated? But, here we are now and I am gratefull for what has been done. I don't feel decrepit and arthritic(none has been shown in xrays, but it sure felt like it and was misdiagnosed years ago) any more!

I like the "Morgan Meter!":-)