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Posted By: wysiwyg
14-Feb-12 - 10:45 PM
Thread Name: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Subject: RE: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Great PT today with special emphasis on an old injury I never reported/got treated. FABFABFAB. Made sure they are OK with trainer visiting with me. From there went to Y to be sure that is OK with them-- and put in a request for that first visit. Nice to catch up with their director (a daughter a parishioner). Totally the same view of what a Y can be. I had met her briefly but seldom see her (different schedules).... I really like her, and it was so neat to see her in her own element.

In honor of Valentine's Day, much of my time today went to tightening up a certain friend's safety net-- she left, he's stalking, and he has been leaving "love offerings" on her car (the scary kind).

Then I bopped over to a woman-run store and caught up with friends there while doing a little project task.

Then I came home too full of great ideas to watch where I was going as I got out of the car and.... splatt, on my side in cold mud on top of frozen ground. Laid there long enough to recall what the PT had said just TODAY (same day???!!!) about a certain move which, as it turned out, I needed to do to GET MYSELF UP which I DID (yayyyy!).

Have made sure not to let it stiffen up too much, but one knee and the back muscle (the one I'd worked with PT on) are talking to me. Phone check on sister (hosp test for Valentine's) and enrolled her to pray for that friend being stalked-- best distraction from her own worries.

All this on shoes I normally (= till now) have not found provided enough support/shock absorbing for any actual walking! Very sore, happy to be able to do so much, bruised-- and med for bed!