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Posted By: ragdall
15-Feb-12 - 02:30 AM
Thread Name: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Subject: RE: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Take care of yourself. Will you be able to drive when taking percocet, or do you have another means to transport the ailing infant?

Ouch! I hope that you were able to keep from getting stiff from the fall? Good that you knew how to get up without help.   

It's hard to imagine someone mowing long grass in February when my lawns are buried under snow and ice. It's frightening to think of break ins in your neighbourhood. Did you not have the dogs when it happened before?   

   It's -8ºC here (+18ºF). Walking in my yard is very dangerous. Water accumulated in the paths that the snow blower cleared then it turned to ice. In the thaw and freeze cycle we're currently experiencing, it get more and more smooth and slippery. This afternoon, I very carefully carried my stepladder out to the front yard and climbed it with a long pole pruner to snip off a few small twigs that prevented my camera from getting a clear view from the window of a new nest cavity in my Birch tree. Then ladder and I skated to the back yard where I replaced two depleted suet baskets with full ones.

   Another ten boxes from the roof space line my hallway, waiting for me to process and recycle, sell, donate or trash the contents. I brought them down Monday night and should have worked on them today, but the weather was beautiful and there was news of a Northern Hawk Owl posing for photos at the industrial site. One must have priorities.