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Posted By: wysiwyg
23-Feb-12 - 11:07 AM
Thread Name: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
Subject: RE: Feb 2012 - Exercise by Leaping Over Clutter
SRS, YER allowed. :~)

This AM I have finally gotten one night of continuous, deep sleep after the trip and grant-writing hell. For those who have not done that grantsmanship dance, it involves integrating impossibly complex pieces of last-minute info into a deadline-driven, format-prescribed writing/selling job. With detailed budgeting, outcomes measures, strat planning..... it's a good thing if you're a generalist, as I am.

Pressure? You write what you can as you know it, and at the end it somehow magically is what it needed to be, on time, and (usually) in the Fed EX drop box. And then when it's "over" you recoup from the jerked-awake, must-write moments your shortened sleep has presented to you during the intense and insane rush. You do not spend the waking time fretting-- you go right to the word-processor.

In my younger days I didn't always make time for that recoup-- and could not, when single-parenting. NOW tho I know so much more about my own processes of doing this, and can spot the recoup moment as soon as it's available. And that is TODAY:

The meds I took last night to ensure that schedule-reboot (I had almost slid into total nightshft mode) are still so much in my system that I could not drive to the planned PT appt today. I AM awke enough to "chore" my way inside and around the yard instead. So I rescheduled the PT into tomorrow. And that will be actual FUN, because Hardi can come along and see what his honey has been up to since he last visited the aquatic PT. Now he can watch me pump some serious iron in the dry clinic, which he will love!

The rest of today is take-care-of-Susan day, catching up with laundry and other chores to make the next crazy round kinda comfy. TBTG I figured out why my back was so bad the last few days-- knew what it WARN'T but not what it WAS, till I took off my shoes at last night's Ashy service and the pain vanished. THE SHOES I've been having to wear to avoid the next muddy slide/fall in the parking area of our lawn!!! So one task today will be finding the spiked walking stick to use instead, because NOW I have enough upper-body strength to use THAT if I slide. The stick is prob in the van I needed to clean out a tad anyway, which is parked on DRY grass right by the back steps.

Ydy was a daylong rant in several quarters, where I fired various bus drivers and put new ones in their places.

Because....... despite following all med and PT instrux and prescribed calories, I now weigh more than I ever have or ever thought I would. When I have time to do the HTML to express it accurately, I will post the number, but it's a big one.

So, thyroid, next appt. Next week.

Today is MY DAY. "Crisis Ministries" can't have this one!