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Posted By: GUEST,Don McBride
25-Feb-12 - 10:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
My littel bruther ain't the sharpest nife in the drawer, eh? Still...he cuts like a nife! Speshally after eatin' pork and beans!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Word is that he give up on the hunger strike after they brung in a box of Timbits, a coffee, and some back bacon.

But now he is on a sex strike!!! He has swore to have no sexxual acktivities whatso-flippin'-EVER until he is flippin' set free from Sudberry jail.

I don't know what he means by that cos there ain't no women allowed in anyways in that part of the jail where he is...and he wouldn' know...not with other guys...this is fer sure, eh? No flippin' WAY!!!

Oh, wait..I think I know what he means! Hmmm. I can't see how he is gonna perswade them to let him go with this new sex strike idea, but it should be inneresting to see how flippin' long the boy holds out!

I give it 3 days. Max.

- Don