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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
28-Feb-12 - 10:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Question about Scotch
Subject: RE: BS: Question about Scotch
I have only begun my personal research into Scotch in recent months. I've tried different blended Scotches, and have decided that I'll only buy glass bottles (most all of the 750ml bottles are glass, but the next size up, that's where the test is. My first test: do they think enough of their product to put it into glass?) Not scientific, perhaps, but it's one way to sort out the way-low end from the moderately priced varieties.

I've seen many types - single malt, unblended varieties, from low lands and highlands and bogs and tips of islands. . . how would some of you who have been drinking Scotch for a while compare the types of Scotch - what draws you to a single malt versus a blended brand?

I have noticed that as I go a bit up in the price that the Scotch seems to be smokier or have more of a taste of the barrel. Not so sweet. It takes several drinks (over time!) to decide if I like that particular type of smokiness, etc. What is it you like about your favorite Scotch?