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Posted By: MartinRyan
01-Mar-12 - 04:04 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Siul a Ruin
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Siul a Ruin
OK. Here is the text in Clandillon/Hannagan's book, including the note:

Oh bouchal mine, my heart you charm,
Your love was kind, your kiss was warm,
I'd wish to shield thee from all harm
Iss go day thoo avourneen slawn !*

Shule, Shule Shule a ghra,
Only death can heal my woe,
Since the boy of my heart from me did go,
Iss go day thoo avourneen dawn.

' Twas often he'd court me on his knee,
And tales of love he'd tell to me,
But now my love is o'er the sea,
Iss go day thoo avourneen dawn.

Shule, Shule, etc.

I'd sell my rock, I'd sell my reel,
I'd sell my only spinning wheel,
To buy my love a sword of steel
Iss go day thoo avourneenn dawn.

Shule, Shule, etc.

King James was routed in the fray
The " wild-geese" went with him away,
My boy went too, that dreary day
Iss go day thoo avourneen dawn.

Shine, Shule, etc.

* Iss go day, etc. : May you go, my love, in safety
! Shule a ghra: Come, beloved.

This Waterford version of Siubhal a Ghradh has never been published. It was usually sung in English to "I wish I were on yonder Hill". I have sung it repeatedly using Dr. Hyde's Gaelic words, to which it is here set. This version is major. Two minor variants have been published. Both in the lah mode. My mother used to sing this air to the English Words.

M ni A (Mairead ní Annagain)

Looking back at the thread, the GAELIC version in Clandillon appears to be the "Hyde version" referred to earlier. I'll follow that up also ...... eventually!