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Posted By: Little Hawk
01-Mar-12 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Amos, I have long noted the brilliance of your prose and poetry. Indeed, it is almost unmatched in the history of western literature.

But....I do not think you possess the ability to match either William MacGonagall OR Julia Moore when it comes to composing tremendously bad poetry!

You have accused them both of mediocrity, but you could hardly have made a less appropriate criticism of their work. It is NOT mediocre! It is utterly and absymally dreadful to an astounding degree....yet at the same time tremendously dramatic and fraught with a portentous sort of its own grandeur and worth.

I don't think you can write as badly as they do. I just don't think you're up to it. As a matter of fact, I dare you to write a poem that rivals either one of them in the field of truly dreadful yet self-confident verse...verse that does not scan well, that does not rhyme well, that uses laughable word constructions and tortured lines of imagery, and yet does so with a innate and confident sense of its own grand importance and historical weightiness.

I think it's beyond your abilities to match them in that regard.

Can you prove me wrong?

The next 24 hours will tell the tale. Consider yourself challenged, good sir!