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Posted By: Dan Calder
31-Oct-00 - 08:59 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Field behind the Plough (Stan Rogers)
Subject: Chords Add: FIELD BEHIND THE PLOW (Stan Rogers)
Here you go. Enjoy,


Watch the [G]field behind the plow turn to [D]straight [C]dark [G]rows
Feel the [Am]trickle in your clothes, Blow the [C]dust cake from your [D]nose
Hear the [G]tractors steady roar, Oh you [D]can't [C]stop [G]now,
There's [Am]quarter section [D7]more or less to [G]go.


Poor old [D]Kuzyk down the road
The [Em]heart-ache, hail and [C]hoppers brought him [G]down
He gave it up and [A]went to [D]town
And Emmet Pierce the other day
Took a [Em]heart attack and [C]died at forty [G]two
You could [G]see it [A]coming [D]on
Cause he worked as hard as [C]you....

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